Study tips to help you ace exams

all nighterEveryone has their own tips and tricks on how to study for exams.  What works for your classmate may not work for you.  However, if your study plan involves bringing a lucky rabbit's foot with you on exam day, then perhaps you might want to take heed of these suggestions:

  • Study in chunks  For example, 30-50 minute time periods followed by a brief break (5-10 minutes).
  • Strategize your studying  Focus on your most challenging class early in the day when your concentration is better. Also, consider the type of test your professor administers (open book, multiple choice, essay, etc.) when determining how to study for it.
  • Study actively Ask yourself questions, review your notes regularly, discuss key concepts with peers and professors.
  • Work in a group (maybe)  Study groups work for some and not for others.  It's a good idea to use a study group after you've already reviewed the subject.
  • Study in a distraction-free environment  The library offers both group and individual study rooms, but spots fill up quickly during exams. Please be considerate of your fellow students and keep your voices down.
  • Schedule in sleep and meals  Seems obvious, but plenty of students seem to think that they can forgo sleep during exam week and catch up afterwards.  If you normally sleep for 6-8 hours and then cut back to 3, your study time will be much less effective.
  • Exercise  Even if you are usually a couch potato, don't underestimate the value of a good walk between study sessions.

For more tips visit: Studying Guides & Strategies.


Good strategy but what if you haven't studied until the night before?
I've always found a study group to work best - if each person gets up and explains in front of a blackboard what they know, then by the time everyone has explained everything, everyone knows all the material (all the pieces add up). Here's some more ideas from some reputable sources: How to study effectively

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