New books by faculty


Ten chapters in turbulenceTen Chapters in Turbulence
Peter Davidson, Yukio Kaneda, & Katepalli Sreenivasan, editors

This book contains reviews by leading experts that summarize our current understanding of the nature of turbulence from theoretical, experimental, observational and computational points of view.

hydrologyHydrology and Hydroclimatology: Principles and Applications
Mohammad Karamouz

This book presents a systematic approach to understanding and applying the principles of hydrology and hydroclimatology, examining the interactions among different components of the water cycle. It takes a fresh look at the fundamentals and challenges in hydrologic and hydroclimatic systems as well as climate change. 

Engineering Economics and Finance for Transportation Infrastructure
Elena Prassas and Roger P. Roess

This textbook provides a fundamental overview of the application of engineering economic principles to transportation infrastructure investments. Basic theory is presented and illustrated with examples specific to the transportation field.

Engineering Risk and FinanceEngineering Risk and Finance
Charles Tapiero

This book provides a broad and interdisciplinary foundation to engineering risks and to their financial valuation and pricing. Risk models applied in industry and business, heath care, safety, the environment and regulation are used to highlight their variety while financial valuation techniques are used to assess their financial consequences.

founding ConservativesThe Founding Conservatives: how a group of unsung heroes saved the American Revolution
David Lefer

According to most narratives of the American Revolution, the founders were united in their quest for independence and steadfast in their efforts to create a stable government. But the birth of our republic was more complicated than many realize. This book profiles the men who struggled against the nascent nation's more radical elements.

wheels that droveThe Wheels That Drove New York: A History of the New York City Transit System
Roger P. Roess and Gene Sansone

The Wheels That Drove New York tells the fascinating story of how a public transportation system helped transform a small trading community on the southern tip of Manhattan island to a world financial capital that is home to more than 8,000,000 people.


digital imageDigital image forensics : there is more to a picture than meets the eye
Nasir Memon and Husrev Sencar, editors

This book examines the ways in which digital images have become ever more ubiquitous as legal and medical evidence, just as they have become our primary source of news and have replaced paper-based financial documentation. 



organic chemistry principlesOrganic Chemistry Principles in Context: A Story Telling Historical Approach
Mark  Green

The principles of organic chemistry are discovered by investigation of the complex phenomena that arise from application of these principles, crossing the spectrum from the academic to the biological to the industrial.


Nanophysics of Solar and Renewable EnergyNanophysics of Solar and Renewable Energy
Edward L. Wolf

An accessible textbook that provides an overview of solar to electric energy conversion, followed by a detailed look at one aspect, namely photovoltaics, including the underlying principles and fabrication methods. The book starts with solar fusion, turning to on-earth fusion reactors based on seawater deuterium, then to solar cells to harvest sun's energy.