NYU Libraries FAQ

NOTE: This page is no longer updated. Please use our Searchable FAQ site.

Bobst Library

Do I have access to NYU's Bobst Library?
Yes, you can use your valid NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering ID card to enter Bobst Library.
Can I borrow materials from Bobst Library?
Yes, you can borrow materials following Bobst Library's circulation policies. Visit the NYU library web site for details on circulation privileges for faculty & administrators and students & staff
Can I use BobCat to search for books in the Dibner Library?
No. The Dibner Library's collection is not currently part of BobCat. Search PolyCat for books and other items in Dibner Library.
Can I renew my books from Bobst Library online?
Yes, log in to your BobCat account to renew books borrowed from Bobst.
How do I login to BobCat?
Use your NYU NetID (located on the back of your the School of Engineering ID card) and password to login to BobCat. You must activate your NetID and set up a password if you have not done so already (see:
May I borrow CDs and videos from the Avery Fisher Center for Music and Media (AFC) at Bobst?
Poly faculty may borrow videos and CDs. Before coming to AFC, check at AFC to make sure you are registered to borrow videos. Poly students and staff may check out videos and CDs for Bobst Library use only.
Can I use my wireless laptop in Bobst?
Yes. You will need to use your NYU (not Poly) NetID and password. Information on how to connect.
Can I borrow a laptop for use in Bobst Library?
Yes. Laptops are available for use within the library in the Library Computer Center on Lower Level 1.
Where can I find out more about computer services available at Bobst Library?
Find out more on the Bobst Library web site: Computer and Laptop Services.
Can I reserve a study room at Bobst?
Yes. Use your NYU NetID to complete the electronic reservation form. Please see Study Rooms for more details and instructions.
How can I print at Bobst Library?
Papers can be printed from the Windows and Mac computers on the lower levels of Bobst Library and in the Library Computer Center (Lower Level 1). Color printing is also available in the Library Computer Center. All printing is payable by copy card. Read more about printing at Bobst.
How do I get a copy card?
You can purchase a visitor copy card at Value Transfer Stations (VTS) located on floors 1, 6, 9 and Lower Levels 1 & 2. A one-time $0.80 card fee is charged for the visitor copy card.
How do I make copies at Bobst Library?
Self-service copiers are located throughout Bobst Library and payable by copy card. Read more about copying at Bobst.
Can Polytechnic alumni access Bobst Library?
No, but alumni may become a Friend of Bobst Library to gain access.

Access to Other Libraries

Do I have access to other NYU libraries?
  Fine Arts Real Estate Courant (Math) Dental Law Medical
the School of Engineering Students Yes Yes Yes No Yes* No
the School of Engineering Faculty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

* Access for uniquely held items only. A letter from a professor or librarian is required, stating the period of time access is needed and the material needed.

Please note that access may not include borrowing privileges. Contact a Dibner librarian for further details.

Do I have access to consortium and affiliated libraries?
  Cooper Union New School NY School of Interior Design Columbia University
The School of Engineering Students Yes No No No*
The School of Engineering Faculty Yes No No Yes*

*Full-time faculty and doctoral students can register for access to Columbia through the Manhattan Research Library Initiative.

How can I use a resource available at library I don't have access to?
You may request a METRO referral card at the service desk to use resources at these libraries as well as over 270 other libraries in the New York City area. The card is valid for one visit with no borrowing privileges. You can also request resources via interlibrary loan. Please consult with a Dibner librarian for more information.
May I use NYU Libraries' Interlibrary Loan?
No. Use the School of Engineering Interlibrary Loan form.

Electronic Resources

How do I access NYU's electronic databases?
You can gain access to electronic resources shared among NYU libraries in a variety of ways:


  • On-site at the Dibner, Bobst and Courant Libraries.
  • Remotely via the Dibner Library database page using the first part of your school email address and the School of Engineering ID number.
  • Remotely via the NYU Libraries web site using your NYU NetID and password.
How do I find out my NYU NetID and password?
Your NetID is printed on the back of your NYU Poly ID card. You can set up a password by following the instructions here:


For more information on NYU IT services, read the IT Services FAQ.

When searching databases, sometimes I come across these buttons: What do they mean?
These buttons indicate that the full text of an article may be available in another database. You may be required to enter your NYU NetID and password to follow the link to the full text. Find out more about article linking.