Printing, Copying, and Scanning

Dibner Library uses a printing system, called Pharos, to conserve resources and improve efficiency. NYU students are given a printing and copying allowance of $50 each semester ($25 during Jterm and in the Summer as long as they are taking classes,) and charged for use above that amount.


You can print from any computer within the library as well as from your laptop once you have installed the printing software. Retrieve your print job at any of the available locations on the School of Engineering campus (the library is the only location that offers color printing).

How much does it cost?

  Single-sided Double-sided
Black & White $0.10 $0.10
Color $0.70 $1.50

How do I print from a library computer?

  1. From the printer dialog box, select either Poly Campus Black and White Printing or Poly Campus Color Printing.
  2. A box will pop up asking you to give your print job a name and enter a password. You will use this information later to retrieve your print job.
  3. Click print and then yes to accept the charge.
  4. Go to room LC 323 (opposite the service desk) to retrieve your document.
  5. Touch the screen of the release terminal associated with the printer you wish to use (color or black & white).
  6. Swipe your the OneCard (ID card) to login.
  7. Locate the name of your print job and tap it on the screen.
  8. Click Print and enter your password for the print job. Your job will be released to the printer.

How do I print from my laptop?

Print to NYU-managed printers from anywhere on NYU-NET with the NYU Print Service.

To enable your computer to connect to an NYU Print Service station, download and install the appropriate driver for your computer. See the ServiceLink knowledge base for detailed installation instructions.

Installing Pharos printing software on your Windows PC

Installing Pharos printing software on your Mac

For additional help, stop by the information systems laptop help desk in 339 Rogers Hall.

Once I run out of money, how do I refill my card?

You can refill your Poly Cash account either at the deposit machine in the cafeteria or by visiting Student Financial Services located on the second floor of the Jacobs building. The deposit machine accepts cash only, and Student Financial Services can accept cash, credit, and checks.

What if I don't have a the NYU OneCard?

You can purchase a guest pass using the kiosk located in LC 323. An initial deposit of $1.00 must be made to obtain the pass.

The page did not print out as I expected. Can I get a refund?

No, refunds are not available. A free reprint is available if the print-out was defective due to light printing or smears, but errors in formatting, spelling etc. will not result in a refund. To save money, check your job before printing and do a print preview.

For More Information on Printing and Copying using the OneCard:

Download Pharos Print Management FAQ (PDF)

Poster Printing

The library offers large format printing of school-related materials (presentation graphics, campus events, conference posters, etc.). Optional mounting on foam board is available. Price: $7/square ft, $10 flat rate for mounting.

Follow these guidelines to have a poster printed:

  • Please note, poster printing services are only available to the NYU community, and only for academic projects (i.e., posters for conferences and class presentations). For club events and other non academic posters, please utilize an outside printing service.
  • Submit your final design in person at the Service Desk between Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm.
  • Submit your file in PDF, PowerPoint, JPEG or Adobe format.
  • Expect a three day turn-around time.
  • Make sure your file is of adequate resolution and size to make a quality print (printing size must be set before you start your design. We cannot increase printing size without compromising resolution).
  • Make sure you have copyright clearance. You are responsible for any copyright violations.
  • Payment is due upon submission. Faculty and staff can charge to their department or grant account.

For more help designing and preparing a research poster, view: How to Create a Research Poster. Questions? Email:


Copies are 5¢ per side. Use your the NYU OneCard to make copies on the machines in LC 324. If you do not have a OneCard you can purchase a guest pass using the kiosk located in LC 323. An initial deposit of $1.00 must be made to obtain the pass.


Self-service scanning is available in the copy room (LC 324) and the computer lab (LC 337). After scanning your document, save it to the public drive, and you can send it to yourself via email, save to dropbox, or a USB drive. Don't forget to delete your files from the public drive when finished.

Staff-assisted scanning is available to faculty. Large documents dropped off at the service desk will be ready within three business days.

  • Scanning of documents into editable text such as MSWord is available with a three day turn-around time (depending on the length of the document).
  • The library will host e-reserves of scanned documents upon request.
  • Compliance with our policy ensures that we follow the Copyright Law of the United States [17].
  • No charge for scanning course reserve materials; personal materials 10¢ per page.